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Parkinglap is smart, safe & automated multi-story parking garage. World's fastest automated parking system with a retrieval time of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

How does it work?
Parking Solutions
Parking Solutions
Smart, safe & automated parking

  • Intelligent guidance
  • Powerfull software
  • Independent opration

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Be smart with mobile app!

Parkinglap smart app confidently saying, if you have car then parkinglap smart app will part of your mobile. Now car parking will just an interesting moment of your daily life. Parking lap smart app will make your parking experience better and bright. We are using smart way for parking solutions. Parkinglap will convert space of 2-3 cars into 20-40 cars by parking tower. This parking tower will control with smart app. A car driver can manage parking solutions by this smart app. Parkinglap smart app comes with intelligent guidance, powerful software, independent operation. It will tell you nearest parking tower and will handle your car security during car parking. It will also maintain parking charges and history of your parking.

Parking solutions

Most of the cities are suffering with parking problems and looking for parking solutions. As well, most of the drivers or car owners are looking for parking solutions. When we come for some work and instead of focusing that work we are busy for seeking parking space or parking solutions that's mean parking solutions is huge problem of our life. Parking solutions are a big challenge for car owners or drivers. According to study every car driver spends more than 100 hours in a year,for parking space and in most of the efforts they don't find space. It's wastes of time.

Parkinglap is accepting this challenge and started to provide parking solution with advance technology. Parkiglap will sort out this problem within 1-2 minutes in smart way. Parkinglap is targeting every type of parking problems. Our vision is smart city and parking solution will play a big role in smart city.

Parking solutions

Why parking lap

  • Space of 2-3 cars it can take up to 20-40 cars
  • Intelligent parking guidance
  • It saves your car for being dented by other drivers
  • It's very secure no scrachec and no stolen
  • Powerfull software
  • Easy to relocate
  • Easy maintaines
  • It's save your car from flood water and snow
  • It's space preservative & non time consuming
  • Installiation process take 3 to 5 days
  • It's a great source for advertising
  • Independent opration
  • Long lasting system
  • Environal friendly

Ready to install smart parking tower at your location

If car parking is a problem at your location, that means we are not aware with your location & problem. Just notify our team. Our installation team will cover it within 2-5 days and your parking problem is only 2-5 days longer. If car parking is a problem then parkinglap is parking solutions.thanks!

Parking Solutios Installation

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