Smart parking system reduces time, pollution, fuel, carbon emissions, traffic, etc and it improves the environment.

Smart parking
Parking Lap Brand Story

Intelligent guidance:

Smart parking system reduces time, pollution, fuel, carbon emissions, traffic, etc and it improves the environment. Smart car parking system increases parking revenues, avoids parking violations, improves motorists experiences, surveillance resources and adapt traffic. Smart parking system makes city modern and more attractive. It improve quality of city life on high scale. Our smart parking entrance is well-defined and intigrated with smart guidance panels. Because, lack of guidance information makes frustration of drivers, accidents, lost business opportunities, congestion, and  increased air  pollution. Our smart car parking system guidelines make efficient parking behaviour.  Parkinglap smart parking system comes with a smart guideline and easy user interface that improves parking efficiency. It guides vacant parking slots to drivers. Our guidance system is made with different techniques. It includes, smart mobile app, digital guidance, led, lcd, street guidance panels, smart indicators and sensors, dynamic real time message, etc. Smart parking guidance system optimize the parking resources. Intelligent guidance help to drivers for park a car.

Parking Lap Brand Story

Smart parking tower

Parking space management is a challenge at a global scale. It's growing exponentially. Parkinglap has a smart parking solution for the problem. Parkinglap provides a smart parking tower for smart parking. It converts  2-3 cars parking space to 20-40 cars parking space. Parkinglap smart parking an elevator parking technique that is very slim construction and perfectly closed. This smart car parking solution is multi-layer circulation, it's a smart parking way of space management. It's the key to efficient and complete management of smart car parking.

Parking Lap Brand Story

Smart mobile app

Parkinglap smart app will make your parking experience better and bright. Parkinglap smart app available for both android and ios. This app  is a smart medium of good  features designed for help  to motorists. It's connected with all smart car parking towers. Included features are simple ui, smart guidance, live information, parking availability, nearest smart parking tower distance and directions, google maps guidance for nearest smart car parking tower, parking charges and timer, auto payment, multi payment options. Parking history, etc. It's fully connected with smart parking sensors and camera and will provide you real time information.

Parking Lap Brand Story

Advance sensor

Sensors are sense organs of smart car parking system. Parkinglap developed a sensor system that manages parking smartly and smoothly. It optimizes the use of smart tower parking facilities and substantially reduces the congestion caused by car drivers seeking a parking space. This technique saves time and improves the environmental impact of traffic and reduces the pollution of the city. Parkinglap's sensor system brings intelligence and smartness and represents this whole system as a smart car parking system. The smart parking sensors are installed in each parking slot and update real time information to the system. Using 360o smart parking cameras by attaching additional lenses play main role in sensor system. Parking sensors live information available for parkers and operators. Our technique team operates using this real time data and avoids every kind of accidental cases.

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